VIDF 2017: Death and Flying - Rob/Jane/Kim

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Death and Flying | Rob/Jane/Kim | Vancouver International Dance Festival | Roundhouse Exhibition Hall | March 16 – 18, 2017

We attach our memories of loved ones to things such as places, objects, gestures, and smells. In Death and Flying, Jane Osborne and Kim Stevenson perform a piece based on their personal memories, choreographed in collaboration with Rob Kitsos.

Moving to a recording of their own voices describing the objects and memories they cherish, Osborne and Stevenson sometimes mouthed along to the words, emphasizing the importance of those moments and descriptions. All the while, they were translating the story into movement. One thing Osborne talks about is her father’s red serge from his time in the RCMP, and Stevenson describes her mother’s dishes that she enjoys entertaining with, carrying on a tradition.

To open the piece, Kitsos describes the way his mother always composes a new will each time she flies, explaining the title. He discusses the way people may think that they will be remembered by the things they leave behind, but it is actually more complex than that. They’ll be remembered by the strong associations we have between an object and a memory.

This personal reflection on love and loss was poignant and well composed, but could be worked further to delve even deeper into the theme. I can see this turning into a longer work with a more diverse staging and a stronger theme and conclusion. Either way, it provokes us to think about those memories we hold dear and to see them with renewed reverence.

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