Compañía Sharon Fridman - Hasta Dónde…? and All Ways

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Hasta Dónde…? and All Ways | Compañía Sharon Fridman | Scotiabank Dance Centre | October 12-14, 2017

Israli Choreographer Sharon Fridman brought his richly textured choreography to the Dance Centre, and we were in for a special treat as he decided to present Hasta Dónde…? with live musical accompaniment for the first time. The duet was a moving piece full of tension and precise control between two men who struggle against each other yet work with each other at the same time. Their contact and control was impressive as they moved through a series of lifts. Full of emotional depth and dynamic shifts in tone, this was an extremely beautiful piece.

The much longer All Ways featured multiple sections for seven dancers. The piece had many changes in pace and emotion as the dancers performed the physically demanding choreography. They began in long, lacy, gothic outfits that emphasized their whirling and spinning motions. As one dancer stood centre stage, the others ran crisscross past her, causing her to spin in place.      

The next section seemed out of place to me as the dancers returned to the stage wearing nothing and walking zombie-like in a circle around the stage. Their pace gradually increased until they were running. It didn’t seem to have a place in the larger structure of the piece and it could have been left out.

Dressed all in black, a few pairs of dancers performed romantic duets; slow lifts and calming music setting the tone. Another section showed off creative uses of flashlights to create interesting lighting effects. In another segment, one dancer is dressed in all white and walks on the backs of the others, her innocence seemingly leading her astray.

The ending was the most striking: three pairs of dancers, one standing on the others’ shoulders, slowly walked to the upstage right corner to disappear into the darkness. Their incredible balance and strength in those moments was riveting. These two Fridman pieces showed off his versatility and the unique emotional depth of his work. Full of narrative possibilities, his works immediately draw your attention and hold it tight.  


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