Ouro Collective present innovative new work at Dance in Vancouver

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Hako | Ouro Collective | Dance in Vancouver | Scotiabank Dance Centre | November 24, 2019

A large, inflated symmetrical polyhedron hung above the audience as groovy R&B music played. We waited in anticipation until bright light bars began to pierce through the pitch black stage. The light bars pulsed and plashed in various patterns, matching the beat of the music, until they moved and it became clear that the dancers were holding them. As they manipulated the lights into new configurations, the light show grew more complex, gained speed, and dazzled us.

It was longer than expected before we saw the dancers emerge from the shadows, and, when they did, the lights were used to create even more inventive patterns, frame their movements, or spotlight individuals. Through it all, the dancers exuded an effortless cool as they moved smoothly with their light props, setting them down before transitioning to another scene.

In a small cluster, they began to display their amazing skills in locking, popping, and flow. As a group, they are tight, in tune with each other, and move as a fluid collective.

The glowing inflated shape swung down to the stage and they danced with it, a new character on the stage. At times it seemed to push them around, but for the most part they integrated the large orb into their formations, lifting and turning it, allowing it to shape their movements. As it changed colours and the dancers laid their arms on its sides, it took on a lifelike quality.

Moving together as a collective, the group effortlessly moved through canons and patterns while remaining connected. From their impressive breaking, popping and locking, to the stunning technical elements, lighting, and music, this collaboration with Tangible Interaction was an innovative and captivating treat to watch. I hope to see more from this group very soon.

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