In My Body showcases lifelong passion for street dance

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In My Body | Bboyizm | DanceHouse | Vancouver Playhouse | March 17 – 18, 2023

Crazy Smooth (Yvon Soglo) stands in the spotlight as a projection shows blood pumping through his veins and a voiceover says “B-boy for life.” He gets dressed in his knee braces and loose hip hop clothing while the voice explains his journey starting as a young dancer with determination taught by a respected mentor, his struggle with four knee surgeries, and his passion that remains as he leads Canada’s premier street dance company.

Bboyizm, last in Vancouver in 2014 with Music Creates Opportunity, showcase the way aging impacts a street dancer’s life in In My Body. Spanning generations — the dancers range from early 20s to late 50s — this production celebrates the legacy of many street dance pioneers and OG creators such as DKC Freeze who brings an element of mastery and humour to the group.

In My Body showcases diverse dance styles, artists, and ages while presenting street dance as a form with a rich history and bright future.

During one sequence DKC pauses to take a break and catch his breath. Later on, Crazy Smooth stops and says, “Hold up, and I the only one that’s tired?” The authenticity of showing that what these dancers are doing isn’t always easy or pain free is refreshing to see on stage.

Freestyle is such a huge part of street dance, and there were many of these moments including a three-on-three battle and impressive solo showcases from each dancer. A waacking duet from Crazy Smooth and Nubian Néné expressed deep emotional connection and showed off a softer genre of street dance.

B-girl Tash is featured in a video interview that shares her story of almost giving up dance to get a ‘real job’ to support her children. Now she is a grandma and still full of energy and impressive moves. “Your passion is the only thing you own” she says during her inspiring monologue.

The reverberations of dancers like Crazy Smooth, Tash, and DKC Freeze are felt not only in their performances but in their handing down of street dance culture to the next generation. They admire the younger dancers in the troupe while those dancers look up to them. As Crazy Smooth says in an inspiring closing statement, “We give them context; they give us courage.”


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