Rattlecan: A short-lived, unique burger joint at the Venetian

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Rattlecan Restaurant at the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas

With graffiti art covering every surface and unique food like pickled potato chips, Rattlecan is a hip, urban burger joint with many surprises. Their concept is combining the vibe of New York City’s EastVillage with the heart of Las Vegas. Chef Sam DeMarco (or “Sammy D”) has created an original menu of juicy burgers, sandwiches, and sides, all with punk rock flair.

My favourite part about this restaurant is the amazing urban street art adorning all of the walls. There is so much to look at that it distracted us from the menu, and once we did look at it there were just so many delicious sounding options that we took quite a while to make up our minds.

The world’s top street and graffiti artists have tagged every corner of Rattlecan, so much so that this place is really as much an art gallery as it is a restaurant.

Some notable artists represented on their walls include photojournalist Martha Cooper who documented subway graffiti on the 1980s, twin brothers and professional muralists HOW and NOSM, and Tokyo born AIKO who has been a huge influence on urban pop art. There is even art covering the walls of the bathrooms, not a single spot has been missed, which makes for an immersive experience into this world of urban and graffiti art.

After much deliberation I decided on the corned beef sandwich and my partner had their signature burger “The Rattlecan” which comes with cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, pickle, and special sauce. My sandwich was loaded with delicious meat, but it was so large that I only ate half of it. The burger was served too rare, so we had to send it back, but it came back the second time almost the same. I know that in the US this is quite common, but it is illegal to serve a burger that rare in Canada and while I know some people love it, I don’t find rare meat appealing at all. He ended up exchanging it for sliders which were very tasty, so it all worked out. 

We also had a chance to try their BBQ pork donuts which sound strange but are a perfect balance of savoury and sweet. They don’t have a large dessert menu, but I think after a meal here you will be too stuffed to mind. They do have mooncakes, and we got a chocolate and red velvet one to go. They were a scrumptious late night snack.

To drink I tried a bottle of Liefman’s raspberry beer, and it might just be my new favourite beer. Their drinks menu covers all tastes, and if you are feeing particularly adventurous, you can try their Pickleback shot (Jameson chased with pickle juice) which also earns guests a token to ride a mechanical pickle.

I really enjoyed this casual, street art adorned burger bar that made everything on their menu unique and special in some way. There are neat artsy touches everywhere - for example the back of the drinks menu was a piece of a skateboard. Rattlecan was a nice change from all the boring chains that basically serve the same thing. The restaurant opened on November 9 2012 and closed on March 2013. It brought a short-lived offering of delicious cuisine and modern urban art to the Las Vegas Strip.  

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