The Perms - The Aberdeen EP

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Album Review

First published in The Peak.

By: Tessa Perkins

Having been a fan of The Perms since 2010’s inventive pop-rock album, Keeps You Up When You’re Down, and continuing to follow their music with 2012’s Sofia Nights, I’m glad they’ve released a few songs for us to enjoy while they work on their next full-length album. The Aberdeen EP is four songs of catchy, energetic pop-rock goodness that will leave you wanting more.


An alt-rock trio from Winnipeg, The Perms, made up of Shane Smith (bass/vocals), Chad Smith (guitar/vocals), and John Huver (drums), formed in 1998. They’ve released five full-length albums and this EP proves they continue to mature and evolve.

With a stirring, punk-rock vibe and fast-paced, energetic guitar and drums, “It’s Mania” has an apt title as the song feverishly propels forward. The edgier sound of this track is a nice contrast to some of their other songs.

Sounding a bit like Weezer or Blink-182, the band delivers an anthemic, emotional head-nodder with “Aberdeen.” Beginning slowly, the song builds into something that I can picture a crowd jumping up and down to. Similarly, “The Parent Thing” is an aggressive drum-heavy track full of building melodies and strong lyrics.

“Walk Away” is the most radio-friendly, with its balanced melody and relatable lyrics: “I’m not ok, walk away.” The Aberdeen EP is just a taste of what The Perms have to offer, but it demonstrates their ability to write consistently catchy songs with strong melodies that are not your average pop/rock fare. Their sound is distinct, and they deserve a listen.

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