Flashdance - Broadway Across Canada

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November 11 – 16, Queen Elizabeth Theatre

By: Tessa Perkins

First published in The Peak.

Everyone can picture the iconic scene from the film Flashdance, when Alex Owens (Jennifer Beals) drenches herself in water, but unfortunately this iconic image was missing on opening night. Alex did the dance and arched her back over the chair, but the water was a blatantly missing element that everyone was expecting. The image used to advertise this show involves the main character on a chair with water spraying off of her hair as she puts her head back, so it was too bad that the opening night crowd missed out on this essential piece of the show. I’ve been assured that this won’t be a problem for the remaining performances.

This technical malfunction may have been out of their control, but my other complaint is that the role of Alex Owens, while dance heavy, should still require a stunning singing voice, yet that element was missing. Once you get over these issues, however, it is a really enjoyable show, and the classic songs from the soundtrack “Maniac” and “What a Feeling,” were performed with the right amount of passion.

Alex is a steel worker by day and exotic dancer by night, but her dream is to be a professional dancer and attend Shipley Academy to receive formal training. She ends up falling for Nick Hurley, son of the steel mill’s owner, and their relationship is stormy as Alex struggles to accept his help to get her an audition at Shipley. Alex’s best friend, Gloria, is a fellow dancer at Harry’s Bar, but she is convinced by C.C., a competing bar owner, to dance on his Chameleon stage instead. While the girls at Harry’s pride themselves on “putting it on,” Chameleon is all about taking it off.

While the story itself isn’t realistic and some of the technical aspects of this show left something to be desired, it was still a hugely entertaining show that will please Flashdance fans.

More information: broadwayacrosscanada.ca.

Photo by: Chad Bremerman.

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