Napoléon Voyage is an autobiographical trip around the world

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Napoléon Voyage | Théâtre Hors Taxes | Théâtre la Seizième.| May 2 – 6, 2017  

When Jean-Philippe Lehoux travels, he is not intrepid and things are not usually glamorous. But he always comes home with a good story. This autobiographical story about the power of travel shows how it can open your mind and change your perspective on the world.

Accompanied by the live music of Bertrand Lemoyne, Lehoux shares many tales of attempting a grand adventure only to feel silly or end up looking foolish. He has a special way of focusing on the small details that make an otherwise ordinary story so humorous in his retelling. For example, he talks about the time he ended up pretending to be a journalist in a mayor’s office in Serbia, his attempts at being a pastry chef in Scotland, his time in a Syrian monastery, and his fascination with Japanese culture. Once, in a train station, he met the king of Norway. By accident.  

There are few props and the only special effect is the live music at upstage left. The simple staging allows us to focus on Lehoux’s stories, and he highlights his particularly embarrassing moments by standing in a spot marked by tape on the stage that says “Idiot.”

There were many laugh out loud moments, and the entire audience seemed amused at the many toilet references, physical humour, and relatable human experiences. It turns out that we’re not that different from people in far away places. He may not be as accomplished a traveller as Napoléon, but Lehoux takes us on an entertaining journey around the world to show us beauty in the simplest of moments.   

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