All-teen cast rocks in 13: The Musical

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13: The Musical | Bring on Tomorrow Co. | The Waterfront Theatre | September 28 – October 8, 2017

It’s not easy being 13. Especially when you’re the new kid in town. Evan’s family has moved from New York City to Appleton, Indiana, and he struggles to fit in with the popular kids. Meanwhile, local girl Patrice (Julia MacLean) falls for Evan (Graham Verchere) over the summer and tries to help him navigate the social dynamics of their small-town school. This all-teen cast was full of vibrancy and talent, and, bolstered by a live band, they gave us a thrilling opening number that truly rocked.

Brett and his two sidekicks are the boys to impress at Dan Quayle Junior High, and Evan does anything they ask of him in order to gain their approval, including disowning Patrice in front of everyone. Patrice is the heart and soul of the show as MacLean’s powerful vocals and authentic performance garnered our sympathies. Evan eventually learns that being popular is not as important as having true friends.

Evan’s Bar Mitzvah is a useful MacGuffin that motivates him to befriend the popular kids so he can invite them, but the event is incidental to the real drama happening at school. Evan becomes a matchmaker for a dangerous love triangle of a date, and ends up hurting another true friend, Archie (Julian Lokash). Archie’s matter of fact attitude and confidence made him a refreshing character that got plenty of laughs.

Patrice and Evan share a wonderful duet in a locker room as they counsel Brett on his love life while actually singing to each other. Their harmonies and emotional depth made it a joy to watch. Realistically portraying the pressures and expectations of becoming a teenager and trying to fit in, 13: The Musical is a relatable tale with an important lesson to share; and this cast gave it their all.   

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