Just for Laughs Canadian Comedy Tour featured all-star line-up

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Just for Laughs Canadian Comedy Tour 2017 | Sugar Sammy, Gina Brillon, and Alonzo Bodden | Bell Centre for Performing Arts | October 13, 2017

Hosted by Montreal’s Sugar Sammy, this cross country tour made its first stop in Surrey to an enthusiastic crowd. Sammy warmed up the crowd well, spending a lot of time getting to know us before the other comedians took the stage.

One of the highlights was his conversation with Mary the one American in the crowd who claimed she lived one hour north of White Rock (which is on the Canada/USA border). He also talked about his time on East Hastings (not all of Vancouver is nice, he realized), and talked about his trip to Scott Road where “everything is Indian.” Sammy is of Indian heritage himself and speaks four languages fluently: English, French, Hindi, and Punjabi. Before introducing Gina Brillon, Sammy took a moment to get political and explained that the USA is just taking a “KKK break” between black and woman.   

New Yorker Gina Brillon regaled us with her newlywed wisdom and explained that she is so glad she isn’t single anymore because there is nowhere for older single people to go to meet each other. Her description of a 19-year-old trying to hit on her on the subway was hilarious, as were her stories about all the silly questions people ask her once they find out she has an identical twin — “So, do you guys look alike?” being one of them.

Sammy returned to talk about immigration and work the crowd some more before introducing another New York export, Alonzo Bodden. His set focused on politics and race as he explained that Candian racism is “cute” and noted sarcastically that he thinks Vancouver “needs a few more Asians.” He also told us about “the night of the incident” as he refers to the election night when Trump became president. As a black person, he is feeling relatively safe these days, he explained: “As long as we’ve got Muslims and Mexicans, I’m alright.”

With three star comedians on the bill, having Just for Laughs come to town was such a treat, but the laughs aren’t over as we have the Alternative Comedy Tour to look forward to in November (Surrey November 16, and Vancouver November 17). I’d recommend getting your tickets before they sell out.  


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