Unité Modèle provides real estate comic relief

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Unité Modèle | Théâtre la Seizième | October 17–28, 2017

Two real estate representatives show off a showroom to promote a residential development. Through acting out scenes from their lives, they show how happy, stylish, and carefree your life could be if you lived at Diorama. This condo is the pinnacle of perfection, but only on the surface. It soon becomes clear that all is not well for the happy couple.

Vincent Leblanc-Beaudoin and Emilie Leclerc wax poetic about faucets, countertops, and light fixtures as they speak in hypotheticals. If you lived here, you would do this; you would feel this way. “You’d say to yourself: ‘This moment is perfect; just like in a movie.’”

Guillaume Corbeil’s script is full of the French conditional tense which creates some word gymnastics for the actors. With a seductive hint to all their interactions, they talk about household items with reverence and go through the motions of a dinner date where every detail has been carefully orchestrated.

The two move in and out of their hypothetical dream life alternating between sharing the features of the condo and the features of their perfect lives. In a city where real estate is a tough topic, this play pokes some fun at the subject while exposing the absurdity of our obsession with perfection. The dual lives of this couple also parallels our dual digital and real lives  

As the evening goes on, it becomes clear that there are some cracks in the shiny surface of this couple’s ideal life. The superficial breaks down to reveal true emotions, and we are shown that acting happy doesn’t produce happiness. Leblanc-Beaudoin and Leclerc were perfectly disingenuous as they painted on smiles and tried to sell us on the perfect life, and heartbreaking as their patina broke down.

For those of us looking ahead to home ownership with dread, this play provides much-needed comic relief amidst a barrage of discouraging prices and prospects.

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