Hot Brown Honey is an explosion of feminist expression

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Hot Brown Honey | Briefs Factory | Presented by The Cultch | York Theatre | January 9 – 27, 2018

Smashing through stereotypes with hip hop beats, fierce dance moves, and impressive acrobatics, the performers of Hot Brown Honey are here to take back their power and fight the patriarchy. As Busty Beatz says, atop a luminescent hive, this is “where rebellion brews,” and they are here to “make you interrogate all of your views.” With songs like “You Are Not the Maid” and “Don’t Touch My Hair,” this show is an explosion of feminist expression and social commentary.

Showcasing each of the unique talents of these six performers, we were treated to amazing beat boxing, burlesque, hula hooping, and vocal talents. The most striking solo was an aerial silks scene that overflowed with emotion and elegantly expressed the anguish of abuse and violence that women face.

Along with being highly entertaining, this show is also educational. If you ever wondered what a microaggression is, why it’s not nice to ask “where are you really from?” or what it means to have privilege, these women make it undeniably clear. 

Some time is also spent addressing stolen land and breaking down indigenous stereotypes as Lisa Fa’alafi dances topless in a leafy skirt. She’s not the stereotypical innocent Polynesian woman, but an aggressive performer giving the finger to anyone who dares to judge her.

Exemplifying what it means to live your life without feeling like you need to answer to anyone, apologize for anything, or care what anyone else thinks, these artists remind us of the importance of questioning authority and opposing the patriarchy.

Hot Brown Honey begins and ends with a showgirl-inspired number using sunflower props made of vinyl records and feathers. This is the most fun you’ll have learning about privilege, cultural sensitivity, and microaggressions, and this feminist dance party will raise your consciousness as you rise up and dance along to the beat of these fierce mamas.

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