Shaun Majumder talks politics, racism, and fame in the Hate Tour

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Shaun Majumder – Hate Tour – Bell Centre for Performing Arts – June 12

If you’ve ever seen Shaun Majumder on This Hour Has 22 Minutes or Just for Laughs, you would never think he was a hateful person. But that’s what this world has become — it’s full of hate. Majumder uses this as the premise of his new stand-up show, and it’s as hilarious as ever. He incredulously describes our world as an alternate reality, arguing it must be with all the crazy things that we’re witnessing.

The MC for the evening, Nigel Lawrence, was off to a rocky start as he joked that Surrey was just gangs and crime, which elicited boos from the audience. Now on the defensive, the audience was also not impressed to hear that he is originally from Alberta and living in the United States. He made up some ground comparing America’s resistance to gun control to people tripping over their untied shoelaces – there is a tested solution. He also had a good bit about what it would be like if a piece of Ikea furniture was on the Antiques Roadshow.

Next up was Surrey’s own Hollywood Harv who had his own bejeweled mic stand and made a grand entrance by making himself a drink and then taking a swig from the bottle. His set was built on topics such as getting old, the hazards of having children, and marital issues (“Sundays are for fighting,” he claims). He also talked about white people having awesome stuff, such as a Tupperware container for every occasion — as opposed to the reused sour cream containers where his parents would store all their leftovers.

Majumder took the stage with confidence, addressing the audience with the comfortable demeanour of an experienced performer. He started off by clarifying, “If you’re looking for Rick Mercer, his show’s done.” I also really enjoyed his bit about being “Canadian famous” and being mistaken for everyone from Jian Ghomeshi to Russell Peters.   

Incredulous at the state of our world and the fact that Trump is president, Majumder explained that Trump has gone from one reality show to another: The Apprentice to The Amazing Racist. He also finds it strange that Donny is angry with Trudie whose only scandal was dressing up like Aladdin when he went to India.

And in this Hate Tour, there is plenty of hate to review. Including the “Canadian Woman” from Cranbrook who threatened and verbally abused a group of men in a Lethbridge Denny’s. But at least Trump is protecting Muslims from the gun-toting babies in America. We also learned how Newfies killed Anthony Bourdain and were treated to Majumder’s “Beige Power” rap video and the Tweets he received in reply stating that he supports white genocide.

After all the talk of hate, racism, and political scandal, Majumder ended on a positive note, telling a heartwarming story about the kindness of Newfoundlanders and the things we have to be proud of as Canadians. Timely, political, and full of energy, it’s hard not to love the Hate Tour.

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