Jocks and nerds face off in Back to School TheatreSports

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Back to School TheatreSports | Vancouver TheatreSports | The Improv Centre | September 3 – October 7, 2018

Relying on high school clichés and stereotypes, Back to School TheatreSports is a battle of the jocks against the nerds, and audience members are the judges. The awkward high school band teacher presides over the improv matches as the nerds and jocks face off, their skits becoming sillier as the evening goes on.

On opening night, they had a funny scenario about chalk boards vs. smart boards in the classroom and replayed the scene set in Toronto and then Thailand. A basket weaving music video was another highlight, as was the game where one actor had to guess what crime he had committed based on clues from the other players. The best audience suggestion by far was persimmon — the actors had no idea what a persimmon was which only added to the hilarity of the scene.

The funniest moments, though, involved members of the audience. In one scene, the actors couldn’t move unless an audience member physically moved their limbs for them. In another, a man who spoke Mandarin and a woman who spoke Thai provided lines of dialogue that the actors translated into nonsense. It was hilarious, and I’m sure even more so if you spoke Mandarin or Thai.

On the nerd team, Rae-Lynn Carson stood out with her extreme lisp and constant fidgeting, and for the jocks, Chris Casillan gave it his all with some very smooth dance moves. Going back to school may not always be fun, but TheatreSports shows us how we can make even the most unlikely scenario a whole lot of fun.

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