Sophie Buddle headlines Yuk Yuk's

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Sophie Buddle with Harris Anderson, Sam Tonning, and Ari Matti | Yuk Yuk’s Vancouver | June 28, 2019

With her recently-released comedy album, Lil Bit of Buddle, weekly Obsessed podcast, and stand-up gigs across the country, Sophie Buddle has been busy. Headlining Yuk Yuk’s Vancouver for the first time this June, the local comedian who has written for This Hour Has 22 Minutes had the room laughing about sexual fantasies, rape-front jobs, mermaids, and Christian horse camp. Her material is diverse, her delivery is confident, and her punchlines are unexpected and well-timed.

For example, Buddle said that her boyfriend told her he had a school girl sexual fantasy, but when she asked if he wanted her to dress up in a pleated mini skirt and pigtails, he said no, he would just like it if she went back to school.

Other spot-on content included her assessment that the number of women who have #metoo stories is comparable to the number of men who have shit their pants. As she said, both sides are probably thinking to themselves, it can’t possibly be that many. This was followed by her top-five list of rape-front jobs, which included “host of The Apprentice.”  

Her mix of dirty jokes with social and cultural commentary was all delivered with a sly smile as she expertly responded to the mood of the room.

The MC for the evening was Sam Tonning whose material I didn’t find well-written or relatable. Opening for Buddle was Harris Anderson who released his own album in late 2018 and filled his set with impressions and voices while talking about mundane male conversations, why he’s not a Dad, and what he wishes he learned in school. I didn’t relate to the content, the set was too dominated by character voices, and many of the jokes needed a bit more structure and context to land more successfully.

In a short guest spot, Estonian Ari Matti talked about cultural differences, the difficulties of bringing a girl back to a cave-like basement suite, and why Vancouverites should stop complaining all the time. After spending a year in Vancouver honing his craft, Matti was fitting in another set before flying back home in early July. I hope he returns sometime to share more of his matter-of-fact cultural commentary.

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