The Wonderwombs is bold, stunning contemporary circus

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The Wonderwombs | The Dust Palace | The Cultch | York Theatre | January 11 – 19, 2020

After impressing Cultch audiences with 2017’s The Goblin Market, The Dust Palace returned with their new contemporary circus show full of post-modern feminism, comedic sketches, and impressive acrobatics.

Upending the strongman circus trope where women are only there to help highlight a man’s strength, these women took the stage and showed off both their physical and emotional strength.

Their acrobatic acts included aerial silks, hoop, and straps, the cyr wheel, and impressive handstand and hula hoop solos. Aside from their breathtaking skills, they also infused each act with style, sass, and powerful personalities. The song playing during the aerial hoop duet had repeating lyrics, “I’ll just keep throwing middle fingers in the air.” The line seemed to sum up their feelings about most things including the patriarchy, beauty standards, and feminine stereotypes.

In between their acrobatic feats, short vignettes showed off their sense of humour through dance, spoken word, and performance art. In one scene, the performers are rounded up and dumped into a bin as if they are disposable mannequins. It’s a powerful scene that leaves us questioning the way in which women are objectified.  

Bold attitudes, striking skills, and self-assured confidence for days: these women inspired and entertained while pushing the boundaries of contemporary circus.

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